OK Cupid Review


4 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5


4 out of 5

There’s a plethora of online dating sites out there, for the South African single who wants to have a good bit of fun, search for love or find a few extra friends. And OKCupid.com is pretty much the big daddy of all dating sites, with members from all over the world. What’s cool about it, is that it provides a certain level of anonymity and loads of singles to choose from – even though some might be out of your range – only geographically, of course.

But, you are able to set what you want quite easily. Single gal looking for men in your area between the ages of 18 and 30? Easy. OKCupid will help you set that up straight of the bat. Logging in and starting out isn’t intimidating at all, and the site has a scoring system which encourages you to answer match questions. These, in turn, help you find great matches which you can rate on a scale of 1-5 stars. If you like ‘em and give a 4 or 5, OKCupid informs your unwitting choice of your affections and they can either choose to reciprocate or shrink back.

OKCupid even goes so far as to present you with a ‘Quiver’ (of cupidly arrows) of three potential matches according to your answers to the match questions. As an added bonus, if you ever end up moving out of South Africa and to another, you won’t have to open an array of new profiles since the site is international. In addition to all that, the site shows you when you’re profile has been visited – so if somebody’s paying you too much attention you’ll know it. But, it does the same to everyone you visit, unless you pay for the A-List feature which allows you to browse all invisible like.

Everybody who’s anybody (and everyone else in-between) is on OKCupid. It’s quite a fun way to make new friends, even if you’re not into online dating right now, and isn’t an intimidating platform.

Let’s break it down:

Number of Members: Over 4 million accounts created.
Instant Messaging: Yup.
Video Uploads: Nope.
Match Questions: Some are hilariously funny, others are slightly offensive, and still others are quite personal. It all depends on what you’d like to answer. Overall, the matches are quite relevant.
Privacy: Very privacy conscious and that’s a huge plus. You can block anyone you’re not comfortable with and hide your profile completely when you’re off the market.
Picture Uploads: You get three for free. Make sure you give them your good side.
Cost: Oh yes. But only if you want to join the elite A-list.It’ll set you back about $4,95 per month for the 6 month package. (That’s upwards of R50).
Email Notifications: Yes, indeed. OKCupid allows you to select which kinds of actions you’d like to be notified for: messages, page views etc.


– Potentially less daters in local areas in South Africa because it’s an international site.
– Costs you money to access all those lovely extra features.

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