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Welcome to, the melting pot of all online dating sites. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. Don’t get us wrong, there are an abundance of profiles on this site, but not all of them are what they seem. There have been some serious complaints about scammers here, and the privacy is not up to scratch. That said, the site has a relatively easy sign up process with a lil’ pop up box, but it’s all just a bit laggy.

You’ll be asked a series of detailed – and we mean detailed – questions which could take you half an hour to fill in. It’s separated into sections: about me, lifestyle, interests, about my date, my profile ad, my photo. This site aint as pretty as it could be, and asks you everything gron your weight to your views on marriage. It also asks your education, occupation and income. If you’re not into hard core exposure, then this isn’t the online dating experience for you. There are a few redeeming features, like Instant Messaging and email chat, as well as the Daily 6. Each day you’re show 6 match profiles which match your criteria and you can search for everything from reverse matches to people born on the same day as you to mutual matches.

This is an international site, so the dating pool is larger but, in effect, smaller since there are less locals to mingle with. Here’s the catch (one of many): you have to be a full paying member to reply to any messages or even view another members’ profile. That’s a bit harsh. Most of the reviews on the site are pretty negative at that, indicating a lack of privacy and a hefty fee in return for low service. Their fees aren’t forthcoming and you’ll have to search a bit before you can come up with any price. That in itself is a MASSIVE red flag.

Overall, our rating is based on the lack of privacy, the hefty fees for high risks and the lack of features for a basic profile. Check out the break down for more info. P.S. Don’t waste your money on this one; you deserve better.

Let’s break it down:

Number of Members: Millions, apparently.
Instant Messaging: Yup. You can IM and email.
Video Uploads: Nope.
Match Questions: Nope.
Privacy: Not the best. There have been some complaints about scammers on this site.
Picture Uploads: Yup.
Cost: It will cost you about R300 a month for an upgraded profile. Don’t do it. Just Don’t.
Email Notifications: You can set notifications according to your preferences.


– Beware of scammers. Apparently’s monitoring system isn’t as good as it should be.
– High cost for high risk.

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