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Welcome to the month of love. Love is in the air and so is the internet. Well, figuratively speaking at least. Luckily, there are plenty of great online dating sites for you to sink your teeth into, should you be lonely this time of year – and let’s face it, who isn’t? We stumbled upon this obscure little site and just had to review it, inside and out. Here’s our verdict. Brace yourselves.

LetsMeet is obscure in just about every way. It’s claim to fame is that it’s about the best free online dating site for South Africans, but that’s maybe because it’s the only one out there. It’s aesthetic can be summed up in one phrase: Old School. But it has a quirky option which seems to draw in a few members. It offers the opportunity for members to enter their number plate. This way, if you’re potential match is driving in the street and spots you, he can send a message to your number plate on LetsMeet. You can either choose to answer him, thus revealing yourself to a potential husband – or stalker – or ignore the message and never reveal your true identity. There’s a safety precaution here, but it still gave us the shakes just thinking about it. Maybe we’re too privacy conscious. The choice is yours.

In addition, the site also offers couples the chance to meet with other couples. This is quite a unique feature and allows for some ‘swinging’ per say. Anything goes on this site, apparently.  It has few features which appeal, and it’s most accommodating one is the ability to separate your matches according to lists: view, wink, hot, buddy and ban. The last one appeals to us the most.

Overall, this isn’t the site for the hard core dater. Not something we’d recommend freely. But, if you can’t afford the more expensive options, you’re at least able to message and interact with other singles in your general region.

That’s why this online dating site garnered the heart rating given below.

Let’s break it down:

Number of Members: No strong indication, but it’s between the hundreds and thousands.
Instant Messaging: You can send messages, but there’s no instant messaging client.
Video Uploads: Nope.
Match Questions: Nope.
Privacy: You can ban whoever you like, and delete your account if you feel uncomfortable.
Picture Uploads: Yup. There doesn’t seem to be a limitation on the number of pictures you can upload.
Cost: Completely free. But not that many options that come with it.
Email Notifications: Nope.



– Though it’s free, the site offers very little options for match ups via interests of questions.
– It’s privacy isn’t as strong as other sites, since you’re never really sure what you’re getting into.
– Hasn’t got a great aesthetic and isn’t as user friendly as it could be.

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