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3 out of 5

Are you elite? Business-like? You don’t mess around? Then this online dating site is probably the best choice for you. It’s aimed at the business and professional dater but is open to just about everybody. Provided you have a bank account to actually get you started. This site is part of the ‘JustDating’ franchise, and has all of its great features as a bonus. This includes privacy and spam/scam protection via Online Dating Protector.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to be enjoying any of these features unless you upgrade your account. Once you do, you’ll unlock the dating diary section where you can record your thoughts and feelings for the world to see. Sound a bit intimidating? Well, stalk some of the other dating diaries instead. Once you create your free account (which is simple and is a much easier process than on many other dating sites) you’ll be able to wink at everyone willy nilly, but you won’t be able to send messages. You have to upgrade to unlock that feature too. The site is very safe and discreet and has a nice dark and sleek aesthetic. There’s also an astrology section which is a bit of fun for you horoscope buffs out there.

Once you’re a paying member, you can add plenty of photos to your profile, and take full advantage of all the video chatting (wink, wink) you can handle. The negatives? The payment. ‘JustDating’ seems to have hiked up the prices because of the ‘Elite’ in the online dating site’s name, but the features are exactly the same as on any of their other sites. Bummer.
Overall, if you’re serious about dating, then this is a good site for you. It’s not a beginner site and it’s not for those who’re light in the wallet area. The level of privacy and protection, however, raises its score.

Check out our heart rating and break down for more info on EliteSADating.co.za. If you dare…

Let’s break it down:

Number of Members: Over 2 million accounts created.
Instant Messaging: Yup.
Video Uploads: Yup. Make a video diary or enjoy a good ol’ video chat.
Match Questions: Nope. But there are other great premium features to unlock. You’re matched up according to ‘encounters’.
Privacy: Exceptional. With Online Dating Protector, your privacy is always assured.
Picture Uploads: Yup. Photos always draw in more daters, and you’re totally encouraged to go for it on this count.
Cost: You gotta upgrade to take advantage of all the extra goodies. That’ll cost you between R100 and R185 per month.
Email Notifications: Yup. Choose what you like and how you’d like it.


It’s kinda expensive for a subscription, so you’ve got to be serious about this if you’re joining.

There’s a lot of limitations on what you can do with a basic account, which is a draw back for casual daters.

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