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3 out of 5

Lo and behold, gentle dater folk, it’s the renamed, slightly prettier brother of DateCorner isn’t an intersection on Desire Lane and Love Boulevard. Nope, it’s a free online dating site which provides a great entry into that vicious dating pool for the newbie dater. It runs on the same client as the Singles2Meet site, except it has a better aesthetic but more irritating ads. The plus point here, is that if you’re registered for one site, you’re automatically registered for the other. So, you’re out there attracting bait on two platforms.

There are some basic section fill ins here, like what you’re looking for in a potential mate and what your lifestyle is like. There’s a photos section but you can throw the concept of video right out the window. This is a free site. It’s a basic chug along which will help you find singles near you but won’t necessarily match you up to them accurately. That’s your job. Enter your requirements in an advanced search and browse the hotties and notties to your heart’s content. As with its brother/sister site (to be politically correct) this online dating site has an aesthetically pleasing top and side bar which simplifies the whole search and retrieve process. You’ve got your inbox, your profile and your search. One, two and three, but what more do you need?

Here, it’s also possible to choose how important relationship status is to you. Do you mind if your potential date has a husband or wife? No? Then select it and draw in the married men and women. Hey, to each his own. The advanced search also allows you to search for daters according to their appearance, work and education, lifestyle, relationship status, age and vicinity.

Overall, for a free site, this one is a goodie rather than a baddie. Go for it, especially if you’re daunted by the concept of dating online in the first place. It’s simple and it relies heavily on your input.

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Let’s break it down:

Number of Members: 20,000 to 25,000
Instant Messaging: Nope. Inbox only peeps.
Video Uploads: Nope.
Match Questions: Nope.
Privacy: Not the best around, but you can still block, ignore and report. How good the response will be is up in the air.
Picture Uploads: Yup.
Cost: Free for all.
Email Notifications: Yup. Indeed, you can select the notifications you’d like to receive right from the outset.


Basic and a wee bit on the irritating advert side.

Not ugly but not pretty

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